Short stories between a devil and a soldier

In ottemperanza a quanto disposto dall´art. 9 , comma 2 e 3 del decreto Legge 8 agosto 2013, n. 91, convertito con legge 7 ottobre 2013 n. 112, pubblichiamo le seguenti informazioni relative ai titolari di incarichi amministrativi e artistici di vertice e di incarichi dirigenziali, a qualsiasi titolo conferiti, nonché di collaborazione e consulenza:

presidente, legale rappresentante e direttore artistico: Giovanna Velardi (di seguito il suo cv)

Le cariche sociali dell'associazione e la direzione artistica sono svolte a titolo gratuito.


Giovanna Velardi's Curriculum

Giovanna studies in Italy and France, and has worked with some of the choreographers of the French Nouvelle Danse as Genevieve Sorin. France develops her tendency to work on improvisation and she founded her own company in Marseilles collaborating with musicians and composers. Among her creations and interpretations: Puppet, -ENORMOUS ROOM Ophelia (Hamlet Machine), The three studies, Versus, Short circuit, Pupidda, Clown, Alice's Room, Live Vucciria and I Picciotti, Straw man (European project built between Prague and Marseille Palermo) Carmen, Core / Demeter 2.0, Look me. In 2011 she is the choreographer of "Carmen" in Vincenzo Pirrotta’s direction for the Teatro Bellini in Catania and in 2012 and 2013 she is the choreographer of Coppelia and Cinderella at the Palermo Symphony Orchestra. In 2014 she creates the choreography for IL MACELLO DI GIOBBE of Fausto Paravidino and for the musical conservatory Bellini in Palermo "Histoire du Soldat" by Stravinsky. In the same year she proposed a reduction of Carmen for two interpreter , the Carmen Duo project with the actor Filippo Luna. In 2015 her creation Look me already is at the Venice Biennial, and she creates the choreography for the show La Lupa directed by Guglielmo Ferro with Lina Sastri and creates choreography PETER AND THE WOLF, Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana production. Also in 2015, the Company Giovanna Velardi is Associate Artist to Scenario Pubblico, Catania international choreographic center directed by Roberto Zappalà for the 2015/2017 triennium.


art direction: Giovanna Velardi

organizational direction: Danila Blasi

management: Letizia Coppotelli

communication: Benedetta Boggio

Ass. Cult. PinDoc Onlus

registered office
Via Maqueda 232 90134 Palermo
legal representative
Theodor Rawyleri

VAT number 07149771003  
NIN 97249270584


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