Core/Demetra 2.0

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Choreography: Giovanna Velardi
Electronic and video scenography: Dominik Barbier/Anne Van Den Steen
Costumes: Dora Argento
Light design: Danila Blasi
Sculpture: Fabrizio Lupo
Original music: Domenico Sciajno
Scene objects: Baburka Factory
Visual: Valeria Guarcini
Cast: Stellario Di Blasi, Simona Miraglia, Tiziana Passoni, Giovanna Velardi, Sabrina Vicari, Valeria Zampardi

production: FC@PIN.D'OC

Compagnia Giovanna Velardi is associate artist at Scenario Pubblico CZD/ Centro di Produzione della Danza per il triennio 2015-2017

Collaboration of: I.B.I. Cultura (IT) - Ciant Praga (CK) – Fearless Medi@terranee Marseille (FR) - Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa (IT) – Centro Teatro Danza Palermo (IT) – Stage Centro Danza Palermo (IT) - Ballet National de Marseille (FR) - Klap Marseille (FR) – Studio 164 (FR) - Officine Ouragan (IT) - Nuovo Montevergini (IT).

CORE / Demeter 2.0 is a show that focuses on the appearance of power and develops its theme inspired from the greek myth of Demeter and her daughter Persephone, also known as Core.
The work starts from the search for a shared meaning of the symbols, intercultural investigation into the relationship between the man and the avatar, between an object and its sign.
A choreographic journey trough the image power in society. A project that has questioned mythical figures belonging to an imaginative and symbolic dimension. The choreographic identity is built between myth and the contemporary world by relying on symbolic and visual correspondences created by the electronic scene.
The path is not linear but made of emotions, thoughts and reflections, intentions of investigating the human and the animal instincts. It is a reflection on society, a society of images that led to vulgarity, immortalized in a cruel painting of hell and indifference. A group of dancers, an image, a voice behind a talking statue, a symbol of divinity the power that destroys and creates a new face, the face of a city , all symbols of the Middle Ages that we are living.

“This show tells us about hell, a world without hope. Although history will repeat itself and every moment of crisis give us the chance to face a change and make new choices , we live in a world of little attention for the other, we suffer with aggression; seems like tha a new way requires courage and intellectual honesty ad we all don’t have it. The aggressiveness has taken over the ability to control our impulses. We are beasts."

"When it crosses 'YOUR BEDROOM WITH A KNIFE BUTCHER, YOU WILL KNOW THE TRUTH'“ (Translated from the French text written on the statue)

Giovanna Velardi

A thought of the end, declined on stage in nervous movements and violence of the bodies , which brings the work of Velardi at some European dance theater committed for several years to denounce the ruinous Western values system.... a significant milestone for the choreographer Giovanna Velardi .

28/10/2014 Roberto Giambrone LA REPUBBLICA

BENEDETTA BOGGIO 333 2062996 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DANILA BLASI 346 4137956 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


technical requirements


  • 22 PC lights 1000 w + full accessories
  • 10 Profiles ETC zoom 25°/50°+ full accessories
  • 8 stands for floor
  • Lighting board
  • 24 channels dimmer 2,5 Kw
  • Computer Mixer 24 channels full accessories


  • 1 CD Player
  • 1 Mixer audio
  • 1 power amplifier
  • 2 stage monitors speakers full accessories


  • 1 grey pvc screen (alternatively a black backdrop pulled)
  • 1 videoprojector 5000 ansi/lumen
  • full accessories


  • stage min. 8x8m
  • black dance floor


  • 2 electricians
  • 2 porter
  • 1 carpenter
  • 1 sound engineer


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art direction: Giovanna Velardi

organizational direction: Danila Blasi

management: Letizia Coppotelli

communication: Benedetta Boggio

Ass. Cult. PinDoc Onlus

registered office
Via Maqueda 232 90134 Palermo
legal representative
Theodor Rawyleri

VAT number 07149771003  
NIN 97249270584


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