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Concept: Léa Canu Ginoux
Score choreography and dance: Léa Canu Ginoux and Giovanna Velardi
Sound score: Philippe Festou
Music collaboration and performance: Chikako Hosada solo violinist
Light and scenic score: Pascale Bongiovanni, Léa Canu Ginoux, Nathalie Genot
Parallel research: Anthropology approach on walking process by Maria Jose Coloma
Production: MEAARI
Co-production with: FC@PIN.D'OC - Company Giovanna Velard (Italy)
In partnership with: the Théâtre Nono - Marseille (France)
Suppooted by: the residences of creation fron the Ballet National de Marseille (France), Le Transformateur - Ballet d'Europe Jean-Charles Gil - Allauch (France), Lieux Publics - Marseille (France), Centre d'Exploration Choreographic de la Colle de Nouve - (Cabasse, France), the Centre National de la Danse - Pantin (Paris, France), Conservatoire Musique et Danse, Site Pablo Picasso (Martigues, France), Space Zut! - (Foligno, Italy), Pôle 164 (Marseille, France), Public Theatre Scenario, Cie Zappala Danza - (Catania, Italy)


Considering the metaphor of the compass and the mandala, the choreography develops mainly around the walking process. Circulation of words, of emotions, perceptions and senses connected to the action of moving.


Since about ten years, Léa Canu Ginoux draws her inspiration from Eastern philosophies. Yoga, Tao meditation are the foundations of her choreographic and artistic language. For BOUSSOLE, Léa Canu Ginoux invites various artists and teachers around an artistic collaboration. The Italian choreographer Giovanna Velardi contributes with her eyes and her "savoir-faire" to the choreographic score. The composer and musician Philippe Festou and Chikako Hosoda are involved in the music and sound score. The light designer Pascale Bongiovanni works on dramaturgy of the light through an installation. Walking, anchoring, meeting are the concept of the writing partitions that develope the choreographic, musical and scenic attitude of BOUSSOLE. How to deconstruct and reconstruct other lines starting with those of the compass? In this sense, the practice of mandala build an inner compass, to transform the space into a multi-directional space by the action of moving, re-orienting, opening new perspectives, new visions and new thoughts.

Exploration elements

Dance/Lexicon of choreographic score
Crossing, Walking, Walking, Walking, Breaking Free, Resisting, Turning, Changing, Breathing Breathing Breathing, Abandoning, Decentralizing, Centering, Walking, Walking, De-Centering, Sharing, Including, Integrating, Sharing, Breathing, Walking, Being. Drawing, Transforming, Orienting Again, Opening.

Music and Audio
Three sources, three-way:
A mechanical way, thourgh metronome, temporal and rhythmic framework exploring the Walking. A phisical way, alive and fluid by Chikako Hosoda, violinist. A Sound archive of voices here and elsewhere / elements of poetry, the music pictograph writing components.

And the composer, Philippe Festou, "the sound Director", that connects the three-ways, in collaboration with Léa Canu Ginoux.

Inspiration / Visual arts and choreographic composition
Collaboration and Light design: Pascale Bongiovanni, for sculptures - installation - materials - reflection - radiation - light reflection games (for example: the use of mirrors and other reflective surfaces).

Space composition and dramatic writing in motion. Practice of choreographic mandala.


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art direction: Giovanna Velardi

organizational direction: Danila Blasi

management: Letizia Coppotelli

communication: Benedetta Boggio

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legal representative
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