Coreography: Giovanna Velardi
Direction: Nicolas Slawny
With: Giovanna Velardi and Claire Pigeot
Light Design: Danila Blasi
With the support of: MIBACT, Regione Sicilia, I.B.I cultura, Ville De Marseille, Coes Marseille, Point éphémères Paris, Marseille Objectif danse

Choreographic and theatrical language, Pupidda traces the journey of initiation of a woman in exile. A young girl after a tragic family episode moves from her island and discovers the world. She looks to her past and culture that call her back. An identity made up of joy and violence.
Pupidda evokes the sugar doll that is offered in Sicily during the celebration of the dead. Pupidda also drawn to the sacred celebration of Priapus where fecundity is celebrated; in Sicily there is a processions of witches who cast out evil spirits provided with a fallic wooden stick. Eating the sugar doll, cannibalistic ritual, gives a new energy to the girl. She recovers stimulation of the senses, pleasure of the organs, her mouth, her sex. Nourished by these evocations Pupidda finds new energy of life in her body and spirit.
Old and young. A doll of sugar. Cannibalism. A dead. A lost identity. A newfound identity. An oral part. A phallic stage. Revenge.


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art direction: Giovanna Velardi

organizational direction: Danila Blasi

management: Letizia Coppotelli

communication: Benedetta Boggio

Ass. Cult. PinDoc Onlus

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Via Maqueda 232 90134 Palermo
legal representative
Theodor Rawyleri

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