Flexing Heart

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Flexing Heart

(il linguaggio del cuore articolare)


Coreography: Giovanna Velardi
Dancers: Federica Aloisio, Valentina Iaia, Silvia Oteri, Tiziana Passoni, Sabrina Vicari, Giovanna Velardi
Music (composed and performed live): Angelo Sicurella
Costumes: Dora Argento
Noses creation: Paolo Roberto D'Alia
Light design: Danila Blasi

Production: PinDoc
Supported by: Mibact and Regione Siciliana
Duration: 50 minutes


A research on flexing heart. On stage a musician and five dancers. A show, Flexing Heart, born from the research of Giovanna Velardi and her reflection on the center of the body, from the idea of the center of the active, stable, energetic and flexible body. A show that focuses on the polarity between homologation and diversity. Diversity that can be seen as madness, as marginality to a system, which becomes an energy carrier that infects the vitality of a child. A child that is also a fool, that manages to contaminate with its energy a group of perfectly homologated characters, perfectly part of a world that wants them to be similar.
Oversized noses underline polarity between homologation and diversity reminding us how often someone who is outside the schemes find it hard to be accepted. This fool has an explosive energy, explosive like the music conceived and played live by Angelo Sicurella who, similarly, works around diversity, creates a parallel world, a substratum of a larger container, a sequence of pictures that are grafted into the peculiarities of each dancer.

The delicate, muscular, heavy, elastic expression always characterized by the peculiarities of the dancers, in music finds its place in a universe of sounds that constitutes a sort of apeiron, a container of sounds that constitutes the galaxy inside which the worlds move (the bodies of the dancers, each with the movement that belongs to them) in the constitution of a whole that is inscribed in the concept of social diversity and homologation, in total harmony with the dramaturgy of the show. In the sphere of a purely connotative language, body and music tell us crisis that is getting deeper and deeper.


The method was born to pay attention to an area of the body not used in dance, linked to the vital organs and to the anatomical center. It is the area that joins the liquid and gaseous parts, which articulates the thoracic and pelvic respiration. It is located on the vertebral column, where deep ligaments pass from the organs to the muscular and skeletal areas.
The axis of the body passes from the flexing heart, the peripheries of the body and space are related, the tension of the body is left and the vital energy is recovered. Before experimenting the flexing heart - so called because the heart is the main vital organ - it will be important to mobilize the rib cage and the basin, which protect and contain the heart of the anatomical center. To better visualize the flexing heart, Giovanna Velardi has drawn two lines from the epigastrium to the pubis, a trans-umbilical and the other perpendicular to this, to work on the quadrants, windows-oblo, as they were also articulations in turn tied to the organs. The work of mobilizing the flexing heart is carried out on two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality.

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art direction: Giovanna Velardi

organizational direction: Danila Blasi

management: Letizia Coppotelli

communication: Benedetta Boggio

Ass. Cult. PinDoc Onlus

registered office
Via Maqueda 232 90134 Palermo
legal representative
Theodor Rawyleri

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